School-2-School is a nationwide campaign developed by Creative Learning to raise funds for children’s education in post-conflict regions around the world. One hundred percent of the funds donated are used to procure school materials that aid children in learning in new and creative ways. We identify a recipient school and ship early childhood education supplies to the students there with the support of an American school. We believe this is a very enriching experience for the children in both countries: students exchange letters and photos. It also provides an opportunity for the community to become actively involved because teachers and parents play a crucial role in the fundraising efforts. The supplies are bought at a reduced price and the shipping and distribution are done on an in-kind and volunteer basis. School supply kits meet basic classroom needs with items such as pencils, paper and notebooks, but also include sports equipment and school supplies, aiding the young children, many of whom have lived through the turmoil of war, to have the opportunity to learn through play. Our experience has shown that play therapy is helpful for children that are dealing with a traumatic experience.


Through the School-2-School Initiative, Creative Learning seeks to assist the efforts of local educators abroad in creating the best possible environment for their students.


In 2009, Creative Learning, Inc. launched School-2-School Uganda, a campaign to raise funds for Railway Primary School in Kampala, Uganda. Students at Robinson Secondary School in Fairfax, VA will learn about Uganda and hold several school and community wide fundraisers. Students from the Student Government Asssociation Leadership Class will lead fundraising at the school.


  • This is CL’s fifth School-2-School Initiative.
  • The most popular school supply in the United States is #2 pencils.
  • The population of Uganda is 32 million.
  • 35% of Ugandans live on less than $2 a day.
  • 67% of Ugandans can read and write; only 58% of females can.
  • 940,000 Ugandans have HIV/AIDs.