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Terms of Reference (ToR)

Online Moderator Pakistan Community Resilience Research Network

Creative Learning’s (CL’s) Pakistan Community Resilience Research seeks to strengthen research activities and build sustainable networks of researchers and thought leaders focused on building community resilience to violent extremism in Pakistan. The project will establish an on- and off-line network of Pakistani researchers who seek to understand how to build community resilience to violent extremism. Researchers will be based in Islamabad & KP, Punjab and Sindh. They will have opportunities to meet on a quarterly basis, exchange knowledge via the online platform, apply for grants, access experts and peer-reviewers, submit their research to domestic and international journals and present their work at domestic and international conferences. Select members will also be able to participate in a 10-day exchange program to the United States.

The Research Network is currently seeking to hire an Online Moderator on a contractual basis to lead the project’s online activities. CL is currently developing a password-protected website and connected mobile phone app that are open to Research Network members only. This platform enables members to access resources, share and collaborate on documents, and engage through instant messaging in forums and groups discussions. Some of the content will be posted by CL, other content will be posted by the Research Hub members themselves. The platform will also contain a total of 12 online training sessions that last between 30-60 minutes each including 10 webinars and 2 self-paced online courses.

The Online Moderator will work with CL staff at HQ and in Pakistan, the local partner and the project’s Senior Research Council Members to achieve all relevant tasks related to the initial start-up and the regular maintenance of the online platform. The Online Moderator is expected to:

  • Identify an initial library of resources (studies, a variety of tools, subscriptions to data bases or relevant publications, links to organizations);
  • Suggest a user-friendly strategy to structure and represent these resources on the portal;
  • On a monthly basis, identify new resources that can be added to the library. Share at least 1-2 resources per week, post 2 comments per week in the forum and start or contribute to 2 forum conversations;
  • Identify, shortlist and recruit experts to deliver webinars on community resilience to violent extremism in Pakistan;
  • Advise on the topics and design of 2 online training courses;
  • Liaise with the local partner and gather their feedback and contributions to the portal.
  • Liaise with the network members to keep the discussion alive and to expand the network.
  • Help with M&E related tasks.
  • Other relevant tasks that may be defined at a later stage.

The monthly salary for this consultancy will be USD 250 for a total of 20 months from October 2019 until May 2021. The position will be based in Pakistan. If interested in the position, please email with your CV and cover letter with the subject line “Online Moderator Application”.