Who We Are

Creative Learning works in overlooked areas to support locally-led initiatives. We exchange knowledge through people-to-people partnerships and sustainably improve lives and livelihoods. Our four divisions each offer unique expertise, collaboratively working towards our goal of building a more peaceful world.

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New Initiatives

In partnership with the Colombian Army and a high-level Consortium of local and international NGOs, governmental institutions, academia and multilateral institutions, the 2019 Colombia Symposium on Coordinated Stabilization and Peacebuilding will bring together carefully selected international participants and an unparalleled team of international and local experts. The Symposium will provide 16 days of advanced training on security, governance, rule of law, economics and social well-being in stabilization environments. Participants will be able to identify best practices currently emerging in Colombia and compare them to current practice in South Sudan, Syria, and others. Guided by national and international leaders in thought and practice, participants will engage in a mix of lectures, discussion groups, site visits, and experiential exercises to apply knowledge and skills to simulated real-life scenarios.

Venture Peacebuilding leverages the intellect, passion, and experience of impact investors, social entrepreneurs, and peacebuilders.  Together, we are growing an eco-system of people and companies focused on disrupting systems of violence, building peaceful and resilient communities, and reclaiming the $14 trillion of global GDP annually lost to conflict.

The Venture Peacebuilding Initiative launched in January 2018 with the Venture Peacebuilding Symposium, which led to the VP Executive Report and the Online Collaboration Network of Venture Peacebuilders.

Our Divisions

Empowering Artisans

The Aid to Artisans (ATA) division creates economic opportunities for at-risk artisan groups around the world through its integrated approach to product development, business skills training, market access and eco-effective processes. Environmentally sound practices are at the foundation of its methodology. ATA accomplishes this by working together with local partners in local markets, leaving behind an infrastructure that continues to support the artisan community long after ATA completes its mentoring.

Empowering Academics

The Global Education Initiatives (GEI) division operates short and long-term programs of an educational nature abroad that combine service, academic, and practical experience to deepen participants’ knowledge of, and appreciation for, other national cultures. Programs, which are thematically based, take place in specific countries in cooperation with local universities, and are centered around the federalism and good governance.

Empowering Activists

The Human Rights and Advocacy (HRA) division strengthens the capacity of human rights civil society organizations (CSOs) to respond to human rights violations by enhancing their security and fostering collaboration with the newly elected government, and to raise awareness of social and individual human rights through outreach and education.

Empowering Peacemakers

The International Peace & Security Institute (IPSI) division is founded on the core belief that education can mitigate violent conflict. IPSI facilitates the transfer of knowledge and skills to a global audience from the world’s premier political leaders, academic experts, practitioners, and advocates. The Institute develops comprehensive training programs, advances scholarly research, and promotes efforts to raise public awareness of peace and security issues.

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