Meet MRP 2018 Alumni Virginia Bruce of REAL Impact and Considered by REAL!


Considered by REAL has been growing substantially since the MRP. The team has successfully been to two trade shows in the last 8 months and are implementing new strategies every day to continue to grow and learn.

We spoke to Virginia Bruce and Madison Pease about the organization’s growth since attending the MRP in 2018.

How have things progressed for you and Considered by REAL since we last saw you at the August 2018 Market Readiness Program? 

REAL Impact and Considered by REAL have been growing substantially since August. We have successfully been to two trade shows (NY Now and Life in Style in Sydney) and are implementing new strategies every day to continue to grow and learn. We have a lot of really exciting things coming up that we are excited to share with everyone, soon!

How did your first exhibition at NY Now go? How did the MRP help you prepare for the show?

NY Now was very successful for Considered by REAL. We received a lot of really positive feedback from well-known retailers/buyers and are excited for the development that could come from the invaluable connections that we made. Ultimately, having access to the market exposure and meeting the right people in-person, was completely invaluable to our business and product development.

What are the biggest practical takeaways you got from the MRP?

The MRP was valuable in many ways for Considered by REAL, but the biggest takeaway was the specifically tailored information about the artisan retailing market. Working in such a niche trade, it can be difficult to brainstorm ideas and promote innovative thinking unless in an environment like Aid to Artisans, where artisan retailing professionals are there to share their personal experiences and answer the industry specific questions that we all have.

What advice would you share with someone considering attending the MRP this year?

I would say, “go!”. Attending the MRP helped elevate Considered by Real in so many ways and the experience alone was completely invaluable. If you are considering attending the MRP in 2019, it will do great work for you and your business. At the very least, it is amazing to be a part of such a supportive organization that will do anything they can to assist and help you grow positively.