Creative Learning is supporting the printing of the children’s educational magazine, Parvaz, for primary school students in Afghanistan. Parvaz is produced by the AINA media co-operative in Kabul, Afghanistan, and is also supported by the National Geographic Society. Along with other organizations addressing education needs in Afghanistan, Creative Associates International’s Afghanistan Primary Education Program (APEP) uses the magazine as a teaching and learning aid in its Accelerated Learning classes through partner organization Children in Crisis, reaching a target audience of over 1,720 children. Parvaz is used both as a teaching resource and as supplementary material in classes in Afghanistan, and the students love the colorful layout, photos, and graphics. The magazine is published every two months, with six editions planned for 2004 for a total of 45,810 copies. Parvaz’s strengths include its highly attractive layout and format, its strong, coated cover and quality paper, its wide target audience (7-12 years of age and older) and the support it offers to the teaching of science. Each edition is printed in both Pashto and Dari, the two main Afghan national languages, and the magazine also supports the teaching of a second language from grade 4 onwards. By supporting the printing of supplementary teaching and learning materials like Parvaz magazine, Creative Learning is meaningfully contributing to the reconstruction of the Afghan school system by addressing a core challenge: the need for useful and effective teaching materials.