Aid to Artisans Joins the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise


Aid to Artisans (ATA) is proud to announce it is joining the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise. atat1

Hosted by the Aspen Institute, the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise is a powerful collaborative of organizations, individuals, and corporations that help foster growth of the artisan sector.   Founded in November of last year, its mission is to help artisan enterprises reach their full potential to invigorate developing economies, communities, and women entrepreneurs worldwide.  This is also ATA’s mission.

Aid to Artisans will help the Alliance raise awareness, sharing truths about the hundreds of thousands of people working in the artisan sector to earn them the recognition and investment they deserve.  The Alliance will be educating the public about hardworking artisans and artisans’ important role in preserving cultural heritage. ATA will also be bringing its long history and experience to the Alliance and believes that history and experience will enrich the Alliance’s efforts.

ATA will join with the Alliance in its efforts to encourage communication between companies, organizations, and individuals aiming to support the artisan sector.  ATA and other members of the Alliance will also share their knowledge of the best industry practices and investment opportunities for artisan enterprises everywhere.  Aid to Artisans will also help the Alliance eliminate obstacles artisans face to establish long-term markets that will generate income, preserve culture, and sustain communities for years to come.