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Aid to Artisans (ATA) is dedicated to developing low income artisan enterprises world-wide bytransforming indigenous hand skills into profitable light industries by focusing on expanding and strengthening leadership in developing the global craft and light manufacturing sectors, and through our signature approach to creating sustainable income for artisans.


Meet the ATA beneficiary Jose Pierre, a participant in the Champions for Change program. This program was designed to combat the effects of HIV and AIDS in Haiti by training artisans that are HIV positive valuable life skills because they are often overlooked in the region. Jose was primarily using colored pencils when he first came to Aid to Artisans and his painted bangles did not garner much attention. However, after connecting with Aid to Artisan’s expert consultant, Lyn Nelson and using her photographs of uniquely Haitian flowers and leaves, Jose was introduced to new color palettes and he began to create magic! Jose would not have been able to build a sustainable economic livelihood without Aid to Artisans.

Focusing on communities with significant human rights violations, HRA enhances the capacity of local organizations to make a difference in the face of government oppression. Through people-to-people partnerships we enable these local organizations to protect human rights on the ground.

Meet Mercy Wings Organization, an educated youth group focused on promoting Human Rights and advocacy, experienced with training and social media activities like photography and videography that is working in Libya. With the support of Creative Learning’s experts they have begun to focus on promoting the basic human rights established by the United Nations, the first of which is that we are all born free and equal. This is the first PSA they have created.

Mercy Wings is now creating 29 additional PSA’s in Arabic to be presented as short, video clips on each of the 30 articles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  This social media tool will allow different organizations and groups to access the link to better understand the core values behind human rights for everyone.

With support of donors like you, Creative Learning will be able to help share the value of human rights in truly challenging regions like Libya.

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