What is Good Governance?

Good Governance is an approach to government that is committed to making decisions which are effective, inclusive, and transparent. It is a commitment to doing the best with the resources available within the context of the challenges facing governance.

The key elements of Good Governance as defined and taught by AAGG are:

Effectiveness: Governments must govern. Deliverables that have been promised or are needed must be delivered and this is the most important criteria if good governance. There is no good in non-governance.

Inclusiveness: This is a principle aspect of process. All those who are involved in governance, those who are governed and the stake holders who are impacted by governing decisions must be including in strategic decision making. The bigger the issue the more inclusive it must be. We will teach you to identify these strategic decisions and train you to be inclusive.

Transparency: Transparency is a safeguard against corruption and also an important ingredient of legitimacy. Effectiveness often depends on trust and transparency enables trust.

Accountability: Governments are accountable. They are accountable to their mandates and their constituencies. They should deliver goods effectively and transparently or be held responsible. This can also be a motivation for good governance.

Rule of Law: Rule of law is an important aspect of democracies. A culture of law abidingness cannot be nurtured in societies if the governments themselves are not law abiding. It is important to make good decisions but ensure that they are within the existing legal framework.

Proactive: Most models of good governance advocate responsiveness. At AAGG we think responsiveness is good but not good governance. Those responsible must be proactive – anticipate and act. Good governance is the anticipation of crisis and preparation in advance.

Efficiency: Governments are often accused of waste. We believe that one of the key benchmarks of good governance is efficiency.

Competitiveness: At AAGG we believe that public governance should borrow some aspects of corporate culture especially the spirit of competitiveness in order to deliver goods quicker and better. This is a unique aspect of the AAGG model of good governance. We will share more when you enroll.

This is AAGG’s model of Good Governance