Creative Learning would like to introduce its newest divison “Global Education Inititatives.” Founded by Board Member Dr. Tahir Shad from Washington College, the division operates short and long-term programs of an educational nature abroad that combine service, academic and practical experience to deepen participants’ knowledge of, and appreciation for, other national cultures. Programs, which are thematically based, take place in specific countries in cooperation with local universities, and are centered around the four themes within GEI: Development, Human Rights and Social Justice, Interfaith Relations, and Arts and Culture .

By combining academic and practical experience, participants will be able to gain new perspectives about global issues which they are passionate about. The GEI model focuses on a more hands-on education known as integrated curriculum, in order manifest a greater understanding and experience that participants can take back home with them to enrich their everyday lives as well as the lives of those around them. GEI is unique in that it offers participants an opportunity to not only increase their knowledge on a field through a well-credited institute for higher education abroad, but also allow them to engage in and accumulate real-life experiences within this same field.

For the first offical program, GEI will sponsor the Third Annual Conference on the Muslim World, set to take place in Istanbul at the end of October 2014. The conference will not only highlight the works from Professionals and Graduate students, but will also include undergraduates (something extremely unique for international conferences). This year the conference will focus on “Minorities in the Muslim World” and will hold sessions on several topics including Nationalism and Gender.

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