Preschoolers At Primrose Schools Raise Money To Send $42,000 Worth Of School Supplies To Afghanistan

Twenty thousand preschoolers from Primrose Schools recently raised money to purchase $42,000 worth of active learning kits for several schools in Afghanistan. Schools were chosen based on need, student population and security. The first school sent a thank you note and photographs of smiling Afghan children playing with the toys, to Primrose students.

Preschoolers at Primrose Schools raised the money by doing chores as part of “Celebrating Cultures,” a month-long series of lessons to foster tolerance and respect, earlier this year. The donations to Afghanistan also serve to establish a child-to-child international network initiated by Primrose students.

Primrose partnered with Creative Learning to deliver the school supplies into a war-torn Afghanistan. Along with the donation of kits, children sent handcrafted friendship bracelets, bookmarks and cards.

“The children here desperately need resources. Under the Taliban rule, girls weren’t even allowed to attend school,” said Maqsoda Maqsodi, a volunteer with Creative Learning. Maqsodi was born in Kabul and attended the Zarghona School until her family fled to India when she was six years old. As an adult, Maqsodi has worked on various educational projects in Afghanistan including helping to run underground schools for girls during the Taliban rule. “I came to the United States in 1989 but have never forgotten the children and people of Afghanistan,” Maqsodi said. “It’s exciting to see children in the United States learn about Afghani children and reach out to them in such a meaningful way.”

Primrose Schools embraces a Balanced Learning Curriculum® that includes character development, academics and play. “Celebrating Cultures” helps children develop their character by learning respect for different cultures through a variety of activities. Tasting ethnic foods, wearing traditional clothing and learning language and songs from various cultures, children are introduced to new traditions and experiences.

“We’re donating active learning kits that teachers can use to educate children about the world around them. This initiative integrates within our own cultural awareness programs,” Jo Kirchner, president and CEO of Primrose Schools, said. “We want to create a multi-cultural, child-to-child network that encourages and promotes collaboration, generosity, kindness and respect for others.